Hydrostatic Pressure Probe 600 mbar
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Hydrostatic Pressure Probe 600 mbar

The pressure probe is used to obtain the filling level for liquids in tanks.

The unit is used for simple applications without any surge protection.

Areas of Usage are: Wells, Tanks and Containers, Drill-Holes, Waste-Water Collection, as well as monitoring Tank content.

All liquids, except for explosives can be monitored.

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The hydrostatic probes work in open or closed containers by measuring the hydrostatic pressure, which is caused by the height of the liquid within the container. The pressure is therefore an indicator for the height of the liquid above the sensor.

The hydrostatic probe can be used whereever a precice volume measurement is necessary. The display of the content volume is done through an electronic display box, that takes the type of liquid, size and height of the tank, density into account. The calculation is based on the probes output of 4 - 20 mA, which is mearued by the display box, converted and shown in the desired format.

 Pressure Probe Application Sample 1

Example Application 1:

Tank-Level measurement with wireless data transfer for up to 1500 yards in combination with Secu-Data-Level.


Pressure Probe Application 2

Example Application 2:

Tank-Level measurement with direct connection to a Smart Box with Level-Alarm. The displayunit can be mounted up to 200 yards away from the tank itself.