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Smart Box 3 IP30 24V

The Tankmanagement System SmartBox 3 is used to monitor pressure-free tanks containing liquids.

Additional extensions include: Temparature Monitoring and transmitting the data to remote locations, as well as Building Managment Systems.

The SmartBox 3 can control Relais and has an acustic alarm to activate when reaching the minimum level. The alarm can be stopped with a control button.


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  • Hydrostatic Tank-Content Measurement
  • Local Measurement and remote display up to 200 yards (200m) distance
  • Optionally monitoring volatile liquids in explosive areas
  • Control unit for external applications (through relais)
  • Optical and acoustic alarm for critial levels



  • Continous measurement and display of the content level
  • Suitable for all tank-shapes (correction table can be entered)
  • Simple programming
  • power independent non-volatile memory
  • High precision, dependent on the probe up to 0.33 %
  • Temperature measurement possible, dependent on the probe type
  • Remote data transfer via SmartBox4 or SmartBox5 
  • Relais Control for external alarm or pump


This tank level gauge is typically used for: Diesel, Heating Oil, Water, Lubricants, Vegetable Oil, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF), Waste Water, any other liquids.

This version of the Smart box has an IP30 protection (indoor usage) and works with 24V DC current.

Please note that the Smart Box requires a pressure probe that must be ordered separately. The specification of the probe is determined by the size of the tank and the amount of liquid that is expected to be above the probe. If you are uncertain about the configuration then please contact us. We are happy to get the proper configuration.

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