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Ultrasonic Eco-Oil Monitor wireless Gauge
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Ultrasonic Eco-Oil Monitor wireless Gauge

The TEK-603 Eco Monitor uses a wireless ultrasonic gauge to measure a tank. It can calculate the tanks content in gallons, average consumption and the cost of the consumed heating oil or other content.

The display uses a USB power supply (part of the package content) to power the remote display, which can be up to 450 ft. away.

The maximum height for a tank is 10 ft (3 Meter) and the tank height is set on the unit itself.

Useable for indoor and outdoor tanks. The display is indoor only.

The batteries of the sensor are fitted and typically last for 5 years.

The indoor unit comes with a power supply using 110V. 

Additionally the sensor can be connected to a remote monitoring device, to display the tank content on the internet.


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  • $190.00
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    1.0000 lbs
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  • Touch-less Measurement
  • Typically used for: Heating Oil, Water
  • Suitable for 3500 Gallon vented Heating Oil Tanks
  • Ultrasonic distance measurement
  • Measuring distance 4 inch / 10 cm - 10 ft / 3 m
  • Operating Temparature Range(outdoor unit): -10°C - +60°C (14°F - 140°F)
  • Accuracy +/- 1cm
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Uses the 915 MHz wireless FM frequency (FCC Approved for the US)


- Ultrasonic measurement with no probes touching the liquid
- Top-mounted
- Multiple Measurements for dependable result

Power supply: fitted batteries 

Measuring distance: 19cm - 300 cm (7,5in - 118in) Distance to liquid top-level

Easily mounted and unmounted. 
An optional screwcap is available as an accessory.

This Tank-Level-Gauge is used for:

Heating Oil, Water

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