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Ultrasonic Gauge wireless remote 10 bar display - TEK-377

The TEK-377 is a simple ultrasonic level sensor that connects wirelessly to a remote display with a simple 10 bar display.

The maximum height for a tank is 10 ft (3 Meter) and the tank height is set on the unit itself.

Useable for indoor and outdoor tanks.

The batteries are fitted and typically last for 5 years.

The indoor unit plugs into a 110V outlet. The distance between the sensor and the display is 150 ft.

Additionally the sensor can be connected to a remote monitoring device, to display the tank content on the internet.

Measurement is taken every 2 hours.

Typical usage: Heating oil tanks, water tanks, rain-water tanks, oil tanks, Diesel Engine Fluids (DEF)...


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Measurement display:

- Level in 10 bars representing 10% each

- All common shapes are supported

- Resolution of 3/8 inch

- Ultrasonic measurement with no probes touching the liquid
- Top-mounted
- Multiple Measurements for dependable result

Power supply: fitted batteries 

Measuring distance: 19cm - 300 cm (7,5in - 118in) Distance to liquid top-level

Easily mounted and unmounted. 
An optional screwcap is available as an accessory.

This Tank-Level-Gauge is used for:

Diesel, Heating Oil, Water, Lubricants, Vegetable oil, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF, AdBlue), Waste Water, other liquids

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