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Ultrasonic Remote Monitoring Broadband Modem

The TEK-608 Broadband Modem allows to connect up to 4 Ultrasonic Gauges and monitor them remotely through the Timitoo Systems Tank Monitoring Cloud*.

Th cloud then displays the content of the tanks on a website, allows to set alarms for high and low level.

Ideal for storage of liquid supplies and managing to reorder them, or plan deliveries.

The system also shows the consumption, remaining days of supply and empty area in the tank (Ullage).


  • Wireless Ultrasonic Monitor (TEK-377, TEK 678, TEK-603)
  • Broadband connection 

The unit provides a TEK 547 ultrasonic monitor to monitor a single tank. Up to 3 additional tanks can be monitored using further TEK-547, TEK-377, or TEK-603 units.

Useable for indoor and outdoor tanks. The broadband modem is for indoor only.

The batteries are fitted and typically last for 5 years.

The modem comes wiht a power supply using 110V. 

Measurement is taken every 2 hours.

Typical usage: Heating oil tanks, water tanks, rain-water tanks, oil tanks, Diesel Engine Fluids (DEF)...


* The Timitoo Tank Monitoring Cloud requires a monthly access fee for displaying the tank content, reporting and sending automated notifications

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Measurement display:

- Measurement is sent to the Timitoo Tank Monitoring Cloud

- All common shapes are supported, as well as calibration charts

- Easy installation - the gauge replaces the cap of the tank with two different size threads (included in the shipment)

- Resolution of 3/8 inch

- Calculates average consumption

- Displays the cost (consumption * price per gallon)

- Ultrasonic measurement with no probes touching the liquid
- Top-mounted
- Multiple Measurements for dependable result

Power supply: fitted batteries 

Measuring distance: 19cm - 300 cm (7,5in - 118in) Distance to liquid top-level

Uses the 915MHz FM Frequency band (FCC approved for the US)

Easily mounted and unmounted. 
An optional screwcap is available as an accessory.

This Tank-Level-Gauge is used for:

Diesel, Heating Oil, Water, Lubricants, Vegetable oil, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF, AdBlue), Waste Water, other liquids

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